Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy of Chad

Ms. Ndolenodji Alixe Naïmbaye is a rising star in Chadian politics, embodying renewal and determination. Since her appointment as Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy, she has committed to bringing innovative momentum to the energy sector.

As a member of the executive committee of the Sahel Women’s Growth Fund 1, her rich political trajectory has been marked by key responsibilities. Holding a DESS (Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies) in trade and negotiation and being an expert in communication, she has held positions such as: Entrepreneur, Deputy General Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, Mines and Crafts (CCIAMA), State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Minister of Communication and government spokesperson, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, and State Secretary for Finance and Budget.

As the President of the ARD (Action for the Republic, Development and Democracy), she has distinguished herself with her vision and leadership. Her career thus demonstrates her versatility and commitment to the development of Chad.

She actively supports CABEF, recognizing it as a wonderful opportunity and a platform that galvanizes initiatives aimed at eradicating energy poverty in Central Africa.

Her support for CABEF 2023 reflects her keen desire to combat energy poverty. Despite the challenges, Ms. Ndolenodji Alixe Naïmbaye is determined and shows inspiring resilience.

Today, she is seen not only as an influential political figure but also as a source of inspiration for the Chadian youth, showing that passion and perseverance can lead to unimaginable heights.