List of projects of the Ministry of Land Transport and Road Safety


These are strategic projects derived from the National Transport Strategy. These projects aim to improve the national transportation system on one hand and strengthen road safety on the other.

  • Strengthening road safety through the National Office of Road Safety (ONASER);Studies and construction of bus terminals in major cities, including Moundou, Abéché, Sarh, and N’Djamena

  • Studies and development of dry ports and port platforms in areas granted to Chad by coastal countries, including Cameroon, Sudan, Benin, Togo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, as well as the dry ports of Djarmaya and N’Djamena

  • Studies and implementation of an urban transportation system in the capital city, N’Djamena

  • Construction of the following railway connections:
    • Sudan-Chad (section N’Djamena-Ati-Abéché-Adré-Sudan border) for which feasibility studies are completed;
    • Cameroon-Chad (section Ngaoundéré-N’Djamena) for which studies are ongoing;
    • Trans-Saharan (section Niamey-Diffa-NGigmi in Niger-Daboua-Bol-N’Djamena in Chad) for which feasibility studies are completed.


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